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Izborsk is located 30 kilometers west of

The picturesque nature, plenty of forests, rivers, lakes create the perfect conditions for rest. Under Izborsk there still flow springs, called "the Slavensky springs". There are live beautiful swans with their 8 children in the Goroditschenskoe Lake

Rules for the conservation of nature. 
Izborsko-Malsky valley is a natural and cultural generations can enjoy its scenery rock formations, flora and fauna. The environmental concerns which gave rise to the creation of the game reserve take priority over all other activities. On account of its characteristics, the game reserve is a very special place. It must be preserved in its peasant condition and protected from anything that might alter or damage it.
All pictures was taken on 16 July 2003 year.

Izborsk. Goroditschenskoe Lake.

Izborsko-Malsky valley

Izborsk. Game reserve. Lake, here live swans

Izborsk. Swans in the Lake