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Pechorsky monastery, fortress of the 16 century.
The small Russian town of Pechory. The ancient caves.

The small Russian town of Pechory. The ancient caves. Pskov.

It is owes its name to caves drilled in solid limestone by underground waters. They are naturally ventilated, and have a constant temperature of +5 centigrade.

Here is the monastery cemetery.
The ancient caves - an enormous burial vault for monks, as well as laymen - are of great interest in the Monastery of the Caves. The caves branch off into seven galleries in which nearly ten thousand bodies are buried: some coffins are on the floor, while others are bricked up in the wall. All 7 branch of caves are approximately 218 meters long.



Rissian town of Pechory on the border with Estonia

Church Dormition and Intercession

The Vestiary

The ancient caves

The Large Belfry

The Church of the Annunciation


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